Dream of the Orient

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An exquisite blend of noble white and green teas refined with a variety of sweet fruits creates a tea that tastes similar to fresh lychees and peaches.  This blend can also be a refreshing pleasure in the summer as iced tea.



White Tea (Pai Mu Tan), Green Tea (Darjeeling), Green Tea (Fog Tea , Lung Ching, Jasmine Jade Pearls), Candied Pineapple Pieces, Candied Mango Pieces, Natural Flavor, Orange Peels, Candied Papaya Pieces, Strawberry Pieces, Red Currants, Apricot Pieces, Sour Cherry pieces



79(175F), 2-3 minutes, 1 teaspoon


-Lactose Free -Gluten Free -Contains Caffeine -Natural Aromas



Allergenic Tea are strictly separated from the other products. Allergy sufferers can be sure that cross-contamination is avoided. The responsibility for the health of all Chai Castle® tea drinkers is our most important task.