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Fruity apricots combined with aromatic jasmine flowers harmonize wonderfully in this tea and are spiced up with the power of ginseng root. Ginseng has been used as a remedy for millennia in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine. The ginseng root is considered a symbol of health and long life. Consider this blend as a source to maintain health, donate strength and act as a rejuvenating elixir.



Green Tea (Sencha, Ming Mee, Wu Lu), White Tea (China Pai Mu Tan), Green Tea Gunpowder, Red and Black currants, Ginseng Root, Cornflower Petals, Apricot Pieces (Apricot, Riceflour)



79C (175F), 2-3 min, 1 teaspoon


-Lactose Free -Gluten Free -Contains Caffeine -Sugar Free



Allergenic Tea are strictly separated from the other products. Allergy sufferers can be sure that cross-contamination is avoided. The responsibility for the health of all Chai Castle® tea drinkers is our most important task.

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