Sensation - (PMS relieve)

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A sensational blend formulated to stabilize your mood while relieving symptoms of PMS. 


Apple Bits, Orange Peels
Rooibos, Ginger Pieces, Cinnamon,
Raspberry Leaves, Fennel, Chamomile Petals, Alchemilla, Cloves, St. John‘s Wort, Cardamom, Natural Flavor, Black Pepper, Juniper Berries, Goose Grass


100C (212F), 3-5 minutes, 1 teaspoon


 -Lactose Free - Gluten Free - Sugar Free- Caffeine Free



Allergenic Tea are strictly separated from the other products. Allergy sufferers can be sure that cross-contamination is avoided. The responsibility for the health of all Chai Castle® tea drinkers is our most important task.

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